About Bob Bowden

About Bob Bowden

Bob Bowden has built a Real Estate empire in Aspen, building some of the most prestigious homes in the area, completing some of the largest real estate transactions on record and opening the premier Design Studio and Furniture Showroom in Aspen.

Bob Bowden Aspen custom home builder and owner of Bowden Properties graduated from Wheaton Central High School in 1969 in Chicago Illinois.  After high school Bob was at Valparaiso, an esteemed, independent Lutheran institution with over 70 majors in five colleges. After graduating in 1973 with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) Bob took a formative role in the family electronic business, Sencore Inc. The company manufactures electronic test equipment for the audio/video service fields and is a leader in that industry.
In Bob’s 13 years with the company he was instrumental in the relocation of the entire manufacturing operation from Chicago area to Sioux Falls, SD. This opened the doors for many other manufacturing companies including Gateway Computers to relocate to the area and to become what is now known as the Silicon Prairie. While at Sencore Bob continued his education by attending various executive level studies offered at the business graduate school at the University of South Dakota and the prestigious Stanford University.


Early Aspen Years
Bob felt it was time for a change in 1984 and sold his interest in the electronic business. Bob went to Aspen to enjoy a winter skiing and contemplate his next move. Shortly after arriving in Aspen Bob felt he had found a new home in Colorado and began looking at opportunities in this amazing mountain town. His first acquisition was the Double Diamond nightclub, which he partnered with a local hotelier. This became the place for live music in Aspen and is the stuff of legends among the locals and tourists of that period. Bob created an atmosphere where you could see national acts in an intimate setting. Once the Double Diamond was up and running he invested in multiple residential real estate opportunities in the Aspen area and went on to obtain his real estate license. Bob foresaw what he felt was about to be not only a major increase prices of homes in the real estate but a significant shift in the type of homes being built here. Both of these predictions were accurate


Bowden Development
Aspen was indeed going through a renaissance during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, this was reflected in the types of restaurants that were coming into town, the quality of the art in local galleries and the opening of the Aspen Art Museum in 1979. This indulgent renaissance also was reflected in the style of home being designed and built in Aspen. People building homes in the area wanted a house that was a reflection of who they were and Bob’s overarching design philosophy that centers around the mantra that “my passion is intuitive design that just feels right” was a perfect fit for this new style. Between his engineering degree and natural design aesthetic, he started on small projects, and by the mid 90’s had become a general contractor that was building and selling 15,000 sf spec homes. Bob became legendary for successful projects that created homes that offered an enhanced living experience for some of the worlds richest and most famous under the flagship of his company Bowden Properties. Some of the feedback on his designs include that his designs seem 20 percent bigger than they actually are and that his homes are at once decadent and livable. Bob’s successes are legendary, and he is truly living his dream by helping others realize theirs.


Aspen Design Room
After decades of building some of the most prestigious homes in Aspen Bob once again discovered a niche that needed filled. When it came time to furnish these homes he was creating his clients were struggling. They had to drive to Denver to shop, and even there they could not always find the quality of designer brands they were looking for. Then there were the shipping fees and scheduling that became even more complicated, and if once something arrived it did not work in the space returning or exchanging it was extremely difficult. To meet the demand for designer home furnishing, creative lighting and exciting accessories Bob opened the Aspen Design Room. This is both an interior design studio and a furniture showroom, where the interior of your home can be turned into the vision of your dreams. By having the showroom locally home owners could shop at their leisure. The Showroom also allows for its customers to actually try pieces in their home to see if they complete the aesthetic they are going for, and since most homes are within 10 minutes of downtown this is easily achieved. The worlds leading designer brands were brought in including Armani Casa, Scala Luxury, Lee Industries and Ralph Lauren. For accessories the hottest designer form California Kelly Wearstler felt her collection was a perfect fit and has even hosted event here. For clients that know exactly what they want the Aspen Design Room has a team of metal and wood craftsmen that create that one of a kind piece that becomes the signature of a home. One of the true testaments to the quality of home from Bowden Properties is only one of his spec homes built has ever appeared back on the market, that is a true sign of customer satisfaction.


Bowden Properties
While focusing on the quality of the homes he was developing the real estate division was also succeeding wildly, setting several of the annual record sales in the Aspen area. This is due not only to Bob’s dedication to his clients, his connections around the world but in a large part by his ability to surround himself with quality team members. In 2017 Sunnyside Ridge a Bob Bowden Aspen home sold for 24.4 million, setting the highest sale in over 14 month with this 13,717 square feet home. In 2010 the Aspen Lakes Ranch, another Bowden Aspen development sold for 24.5 million marking the largest transaction in Aspen that year.


Giving Back
In addition to his business endeavors in the Aspen area Bob has become an active member of the community. He is on the board of the Aspen Education Foundation where he contributes with both his time and financially t o ensure that children receive a life-changing educational experiences that provide them with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in college and beyond. Bob is also greatly involved in the Aspen Leafs junior hockey association. Bob makes great efforts to support developing youth into young men and women with strong character through the sport of hockey. You will see Bob at games everywhere from California to New York with not only his own son but also many other teammates in tow.